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What's Happening at GLELC?

What’s happening at GLELC?  It’s the 2nd Annual Blue Water Bash headlined by The Gasoline Gypsies!  This year’s Great Lakes Legislator of the Year Award will honor U.S. Senator Gary Peters for his outstanding work in protecting our waters.  Tom Henry from the Toledo Blade and Jim Lynch of the Detroit News have won the GLELC Excellence in Environmental Journalism Awards for 2015.  After the success of last year’s Bash, we’re expecting an even bigger turn-out and a great time for everyone!  Tickets can be purchased at Shop.GLELC.org.

Hot Topics

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Management

"...Despite the extensive ecological and economic importance of the Great Lakes, the integrity of this vast water resource is threatened by the practice of high-volume, slick-water hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) in the Great Lakes basin."

Stopping the spread of aquatic invasive species

Aquatic invasive species (also known as aquatic nuisance species) are one of the biggest threats facing the Great Lakes and their fisheries and wildlife. Invasive species like Asian Carp and the zebra mussel are causing unacceptable environmental and economic damage.

Keeping Exposed Pet Coke from being Dumped on Great Lakes Shores

Petroleum coke (pet coke) has citizens worried about chemical byproducts being dumped into the Great Lakes and nearby communities. GLELC is working to prevent the damage it can cause.

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